3,000 Miles, looking back & forth

We crossed the 3,000 mile mark a few days ago. The picture below shows our attempt to make 3,000 with cyclists and bikes.

Even after running marathons, I can honestly say that this trip has exhausted me in ways I have never felt before. Those ways include steep mountain climbs, crazy headwinds, and cycling while sleepy on roads that stretched straight for dozens of miles in front of me—at least it felt like dozens of miles. And unlike running a marathon, we don’t stop after 1 day. We cycle every day for about a week, until a rest day shows up.

Even though those parts wore me down, I love cycle touring more than ever. Instead of describing why, I’ll list some of my favorite moments so far.

We only have about a 1,000 miles left. Finishing will feel wonderful and not, since it’ll mean this wonderful trip will be over.